Sow crates banned in New Zealand – today!

Piggy Sue

Good news, Piggy Sue

This is a big red-letter day today because today, after years and years of protest, sow crates can no longer be used legally in New Zealand.

Sow crates are the most hideous invention designed to enable piglets to feed from their mother but not allow the mother to move. They are only slightly bigger than the sow herself, with a concrete floor. There were outcries from the public in 2009 after Mike King denounced the industry and footage of the horror was shown on the TV 1 Sunday programme. Since 2012, sows have only been allowed to stay in the crates for the first 4 weeks of their 16-week pregnancy. And now, today, 3 December 2015, they cannot legally be used at all.


Sooty’s stoked

Our very own Carolyn Press-McKenzie was involved in the 2009 exposé of the industry, going undercover and freeing Piggy Sue (see what she did and said here).

A lot of people had to be brave, tireless and persistent to get this result and once the public knew what was happening, they were outraged and demanded better.

We can finally go to bed tonight not thinking about the pain and horror that pregnant pigs are enduring while nothing is done. Something has finally been done.

Every life — yes, that would be every life — matters!

Pig Terry and pixie the Chi