Animal Sponsorship

Each of these animals needs a sponsor so we can continue to provide the care that they need and deserve. From as little as a dollar a week you can make a huge difference to these animals lives.

These animals also help the community by teaching an important lesson of empathy and compassion to visiting “At Risk Youth”.

For sponsoring an animal you will receive the following for an annual sponsorship

  • A picture of your sponsored animal
  • Regular updates about the animal
  • An invitation to the sanctuary to meet your sponsored animal
  • For sponsors who would like to be more hands on we encourage regular play dates at the sanctuary for you and your animal.

So please sponsor one of the following animals and give them the gift of life.

If you would like to sponsor an animal, please email us on and we will get in touch with you and let you know how to get started.

laurie the monkey Name: Laurie
Proudly sponsored by: Danielle Anderson and Robert Nguyen
Click here to read Laurie’s story
Carol2 Name: Carol
Proudly sponsored by: Mihiata Pirini, Laure Lamason and Roseanne Hosken
Issi the pig5 Name: Issi
Proudly sponsored by: Corinne Glenn
Bubble o 7, turtle Name: Bubble 07
Proudly sponsored by: Natala Pilet and Makeup Obsessives
Click here to read Bubble 07’s story
weemu, emu Name: Weemu
Proudly sponsored by: Holly O’Connor, Linda Robinson and Makeup Obsessives
wiriemu, emu Name: Pixie
Proudly sponsored by: Vari and Taylor Nicholson, Donna Messer and Karen Alleway
Click here to read Pixie’s story
wiriemu, emu Name: Little D
Proudly sponsored by: Kim and Russell Damerell
Click here to read Little D’s story
Punga Name: Punga
Proudly sponsored by: Ashleigh Alder and Hinewai McManus

Fern Name: Fern
Proudly sponsored by: Erin Krebs, Dara Mosely, Judi Thomson, Kerry Hancock, Sian Tate and Ruth Thomas

Boof Name: Boof
Proudly sponsored by: Makeup Obsessives, Hinewai McManus and Luciana Tizzoni
Click here to read Boof’s story
Quin Name: Quinn
Proudly sponsored by: Janeen Kearney and Mark Gyopari
Click here to read Quinn’s story
Wee one donkey Name: Wee-one
Proudly sponsored by: Debra and Bill McCleary, and Arti Chand
Jenny donkey Name: Hugo
Proudly sponsored by: Louise Harrington
Click here to read Hugo’s story
Wilma the Pig Name: Wilma
Proudly sponsorsed by: Arthur Jacobson and Avril Barker
Black_wooly_jumper.jpg Name: Black Woolly Jumper
Proudly sponsored by: Lynne Krebs, Winsome Anderson, Robyn Lovewell, Nicole Skews, Mandy Coleman, Kylee Johnson and Lexi Burrows
Click here to read Black Woolly Jumper’s story
Armpit the Goat Name: Howard
Proudly sponsored by: Datacentric, Annie Potts and Diane Aaltonen
Munchkin the Goat Name: Munchkin
Proudly sponsorsed by: Annalise Edwards
Click here to read Munchkin’s story
Mabel ersized Name: Mabel
Proudly sponsored by: Michele Mantell and Tracy Gardiner
Click here to read Mabel’s story
Agnes Name: Agnes
Proudly sponsored by: Michelle Olds and Linda Ford
Click here to read Agnes’s Story
Bowzer Name: Bowzer
Proudly sponsored by: Sarndra McNicholl and Rosanagh Wypych
mr lonly Name: Mr Lonely
Proudly sponsored by: Jude Haase
Jeffery Name: Jeffery
Proudly sponsorsed by: Jody Winter, Jen Wilcock and Anna Godfrey
Click here to read Jeffery’s story
george-the-goat Name: George
Proudly sponsorsed by: Hinewai McManus
Click here to read George’s story
tofu3 Name: Tofu
Proudly sponsorsed by: Hinewai McManus, Ken McNatty and Kathryn Henshaw
Click here to read Tofu’s story
brick-the-duck Name: Brick
Proudly sponsorsed by: Darryl and Jessica Daugherty
Click here to read Brick’s story
tenzing Name: Tenzing
Proudly sponsorsed by: Hinewai McManus, Lara Swinley, Yang Hu and John McCarthy
Click here to read Tenzing’s story
kaitoke-dogs Name: HUHA Kaitoke Dogs (just a few pictured here)
Proudly sponsored by: Kim Aiomanu, Nyssa Chard, Sam Gilmour, Courtney Letica, Alex Waters, Tamatha Paul, Lisa Kereama, Helen Adamson, Shelley Wood, Ashley Church and Michele Moles  
Click here to read about this important HUHA group

Sponsor an Animal