Spring has sprung at HUHA – welcome Flossie’s family!

Spring has started, HUHA-style, for sure! On 17 August, Flossie was rescued by HUHA. She had been hit over the head with a steel wheel brace by a hunter, claiming she was “useless”. She was rescued by a kind soul and then brought down to HUHA Otaki from Rotorua by a wonderful caring family who wanted to see Flossie safe. Then we discovered that she was pregnant!

Flossie has settled in wonderfully since then and yesterday she had eight babies. Poor exhausted Floss needed a bit of help with this mothering caper (though very loving and nurturing – such a star). Two HUHA volunteers stayed with her through the night to give her a helping hand. Two of the puppies were born very small, half the size of the rest of them and were too weak to cope with feeding from Mum. After a dash to the vet, they were taken off to HUHA Kaitoke for two-hourly feeds and round-the-clock, intensive care. Sadly one of the two little ones, little Angel, died at 2 am; her wee frame had been twisted in the womb and she was just too frail. Her sister Farrah is doing well though, determined to give this wonderful thing called life a go.

We are so happy and proud of Floss and her beautiful family. Though there are some very bleary-eyed HUHA people wandering around today (not working heavy machinery, we assure you), it seems like a great start to Spring and a tribute to the future and HUHA’s mantra “Every animal matters”. We will not forget you, Angel xxx

Flossie and pups