The eyes – they definitely have it

These beautiful brown eyes belong to Laurie. He is a Capuchin monkey; an ex circus monkey who lives at HUHA Kaitoke. He had had his teeth filed down with the nerves exposed to protect his keepers from being bitten. It took a long time to help Laurie with his teeth, his fears and his horrible past. But he is restored and happy today – he is an artist, a grape-peeler par excellence and one of his best friends is a tabby cat.

TofuThis is Tofu the calf. He has beautiful brown eyes too, but is currently blind. He was picked up from Taranaki by HUHA the other week and it now transpires that Tofu’s beautiful brown eyes have bilateral cataracts and with surgery, he may be able to see the world he now calls home.

This is Beetle, a magpie. Look at those glorious dark eyes! Beetle got picked up on the same trip as Tofu. Beetle had a withered wing which has had to be amputated and he Beetleis now recuperating, ready for a lifetime of fuss and entertainment at Kaitoke. And oh yes, an albino hedgehog was also brought home on that trip, not managing the dangers of roads and combine harvesters all that well.

This is HUHA. This is every day here. Every life matters.

If you txt HUHA to 4463, your $3 will help us pay for the surgeries that gives all our animals the chance they deserve.