It is hard to pinpoint when HUHA started – mostly because it started in the heart of Carolyn Press McKenzie. But certainly, there was a time when it was a few animals in and around a caravan in a rented field.

Now HUHA has four shelters, three physical shops and an online shop. As well as the shelter and shop teams, it has an administration team, a rescue team and an emergency response team. It is a nationwide response for animals and the people that care about them – rescue, advice and advocacy.

HUHA has always relied on a small army of volunteers, people committed to the kaupapa of HUHA and support the work. There are also paid positions within HUHA and when one of these is available, we will shout out on our facebook page and provide a link to the position and job description here. So keep an eye out – you may be who we’re looking for.



No positions at the moment.


Working for HUHA